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CRM Gathering …

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Every four years, CRM staff, families and friends from all over the globe come together in one place for several days. This gathering is open to anyone interested in checking us out. All are welcomed!


In 1998, it was outside Budapest, Hungary. In 2002, it was near Caracas, Venezuela. And in June of this year (2006), we’ll be doing it at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.

We begin with dinner on June 16 and conclude with breakfast on June 21. Designed primarily for stimulating relationships and time together, there will be great celebration and worship, all sorts of break-out opportunities for specialized interest, and pulling together area meetings from around the world. Erwin McManus will be speaking at several plenary sessions.

We’re planning on around 700 people which includes children. There are all sorts of special events and activities for kids as well as childcare for the youngest.

Lots of information and details can be found on the CRM website …linked to the banner above or click here.

The Frustrated Pastor …

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

I met Eric in the Emerging Church course at Fuller. He’s 29, married, two kids, finishing a seminary degree and holding down a role on a pastoral staff in South-Central Los Angeles, and he is frustrated beyond description.

Eric Pfeiffer.jpg

He is a strong, godly leader with clear apostolic gifting. He oozes with potential. But serving in a pastoral role has been a serious mismatch of who he is and the expectations of a local church. I’m not sure which will happen first …his local church killing him or he killing it!

The sad thing is how many people like Eric I meet on a regular basis …men and women with apostolic fervor and passion desperately thrashing around to find their niche in ministry. And all too many have been led to believe that the only path they can travel to fulfill God’s calling on their lives is pastoral ministry in a local church setting. How tragic.

The fact, historically, biblically, sociologically and missiologically is that:

Apostolic gifting must have an apostolic structure for that gifting to be adequately lived out and and fulfilled.

Until Eric and those like him find their niche in apostolic entities where they can thrive, move beyond maintenance to missionality, and be cut loose to see their vision soar, their lives will be models of frustration with a numbing lack of meaning.

Eddie Gibbs notes that 50% of those who graduate from American seminaries and who eventually end up in pastoral ministry drop out within ten years. My guess is that an uncomfortable percentage of that number is made up of the Erics of this world.

So to Eric and other like him, there is hope. You’re not crazy. You’re not a rebel. There is nothing “wrong” with you. May God lead you to right apostolic entity in the days ahead where you can make your ultimate contribution to the Kingdom.

PS: Get in touch with me to find out more about one such entity that I know a lot about. Have I got a bias? You bet!