Suffering in the Townships


I just returned from a far ranging trip overseas that included South Africa.

Most sobering was our time in one of the townships outside of Pretoria where CRM staff live and minister.  Being with those who cope with HIV-AIDS every day and the devastating effect the epidemic inflicts on a society where one in every three people are infected is emotionally numbing. Add to that the grinding poverty and the social inequities that remains from aparteid.

Yet the people we were with – who in word, deed and power represent the living Christ amidst such loss and suffering – are incredible individuals.   May God reward their faithfulness, grant them endurance and resilience, and add to their numbers.

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  1. Andy McCullough Says:

    I am actually heading tommorrow to work in one of the townships outside of Pretoria. leading a missions team for a week and then staying with family to continue working until end of July.

    Would love to hook up with CRM staff and see how we can partner together in seeing His Kingdom Come and His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Could you email me their contact info?

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