Well, it’s time to re-engage.

I’ve taken a much needed break from posting and am ready as we move into the remaining months of 2008, to begin anew.  I hope to keep the conversations here fresh, creative, and provocative (in a sanctified kind of way).

Thanks for sticking your head under-the-iceberg and being a part!

5 Responses to “Re-engaging”

  1. Wes Roberts Says:

    ...welcome back!

    ...need to talk with you, when convenient about a friend who may need to connect with you

    ...and…don’t over-sanctify your part of the conversation, nor under-create or under-provocate :-)

    ...stay on the edge, and I for one will be watching and waiting

  2. Tom Middleton Says:

    Is that Handel’s Messiah playing in the background?

  3. C.Aanderud Says:

    Nice photo Pops! :-)

  4. Bobby Says:

    You’ve been missed you cutie you!

  5. Christiana Says:

    Missed you, Sam!

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