Flying Fears

This week, a hole blew out in the underbelly of a Quantas 747 over the Pacific. For anyone who does a considerable amount of flying, we all harbor those “what if” fears about what could happen on an airplane. Apart from the catastrophic, my shortlist includes:

1. Using the lavatory, my passport falls out of my shirt pocket into the toilet and I have to retrieve it, no matter what the ramifications.

2. Stuck in a window seat on the last row of the plane, next to a 300 lb person who snores.

3. At 35,000 feet, eating one of a couple of foods to which I am deadly allergic, beginning an anaphylacic reaction, and having to stab myself with an EpiPen (spring loaded injection).

4. Trapped on a 19 hour, full flight to Asia in a seat that does not recline.

5. Flying Aeroflot transatlantic, or anywhere for that matter.

6. Being a British Airways customer and losing luggage in the bowels of one of their new terminals at Heathrow.

7. Finding out what ingredients are really in those hard bread rolls that get served in plastic wrapping.

8. Sitting next to a baby with colic on a pan-oceanic flight when the parents are too tired to care.

9. Flying Northwest in the winter and being stuck on a runway for 12 hours.

10. Severe turbulence and no barf bags.

2 Responses to “Flying Fears”

  1. Keith Says:

    11. Sitting next to somebody from a non-deodorant-using culture.

    12. Sitting by somebody with severe burn-your-nose-hairs-off gas.

    13. Flying an American, Indonesia, Chinese, Indian, Russia, or African carrier – basically anything but Singapore Airlines.

  2. John Says:

    I flew Aeroflot from Moscow to LA last year, round trip. On time, no lost luggage, and most of all, the personnel were courteous and respectful on the ground and in the air. I can’t say that about my recent experiences with Delta and American, unfortunately.

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