James Choung


I’ve tried most of it over the years …all the formulaic versions of how to communicate the good news of Jesus to those around me. And most of it simply doesn’t work anymore here in the West in the secularized post-modernity of our culture.

But this book is different. It captures the essence of the biblical message in a way that is refreshingly authentic. And it’s just not theory or idealized theology. It connects deeply with real people not afraid to grapple with real issues and how the Jesus of the bible relates to both.

A couple years ago, I saw the basic concepts of the book scribbled on a piece of paper when having lunch with James. It’s great to see what he has tested and experienced so thoroughly in his ministry with students in San Diego is now available in this new volume.

It is a book for those who want to live out, in word in deed, the good news of Jesus with integrity and intellectual honesty. It is a practical and profoundly biblical approach to communicating God’s “big story” in a way that authentically connects with the realities of the world around us.

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  1. Jenn Perez Says:

    Hi Sam,
    You probably knew this already, but there is a great interview with James Choung in this month’s Christianity Today (www.ctlibrary.com/ct/2008/july/11.31.html).

  2. Mike Brantley Says:

    NICE - exactly where we are. We’ll use it for learning community. :-)
    Thanks, Sam

  3. Roger Saner Says:

    It sounds good, Sam – how similar is it to N.T. Wright’s Simply Christian?

  4. Sam Says:

    I think N.T. Wright lays a good theoretical underpinning for what James Choung applies more practically.

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