Not Spiritual Enough?


CRM-US is looking for a new VP for Finance.

Because it is predominantly an administrative role, the person doesn’t have to raise all their financial support. In fact, all we ask is that they generate ¼ of their need via gifts from friends, family and churches who believe in them and their call to such an essential missionary function. We subsidize the other three-quarters.

We recently approached a reputable, well-known head-hunting firm in California to see if we could employ them to undertake a search for this position. They turned us down. The reason?

“ … doing a search where someone raises their own support is in conflict with our goal of presenting four excellent candidates. It takes a special person who trusts the Lord enough to raise their own support…and to find [such]candidates is just too tough a search for us to take on.

While we really respect those in service to the Lord who raise their own support; it take a much deeper spirituality in one sense for someone to do that.”

I guess our option is to accept someone with less spirituality. Not.

6 Responses to “Not Spiritual Enough?”

  1. Keith Says:

    Ha! Amazing. What this says is that mission agencies are better recruiters than a well known head-hunting agency. They say it’s “too tough a search for us to take on”, yet this what mission agencies do everyday!

    So, all you mission recruiters take notice: you’re accomplishing what a professional head-hunting agency is afraid to even attempt. Great job!

  2. Tyler Says:

    Wow, so they just didn’t want the work

  3. Mike Zook Says:

    Where does this person have to office?

  4. Sam Says:

    They would work in the CRM office in Southern California. They would oversee all the financial operations and the several teams: accounting, receipting, staff services, and HR, who work in that setting.

  5. Chuck Ragland Says:

    is the position still open?

  6. Sam Says:

    Yes, it is still open. If you or anyone you know is interested, they should contact Jon Moore at for more details.

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