How to Pick a President


Seeing that this is the largest primary election day in this presidential selection year, I was intrigued at the commentary this morning on NPR from cowboy poet, philosopher, and former large animal vet, Baxter Black who supined the following on how to pick a president:

“There are always politically incorrect insinuations that women would vote for a woman candidate for the primary reason they’re both women or that blacks would vote for a black candidate simply because they’re black. Well of course they would, or at least give it serious consideration. .

The same with cowboys, vegetarians and paroled felons. It’s natural to want to have someone in office who understands you. What percentage of the Mormon vote do you think candidate Romney is going to receive? 99% And how many brush-clearing cedar-whacks went for George W.? Given the opportunity to poll candidates there are several questions that I would proffer, i.e.,

Do you consider miracle whip and jalapeños essential nutrients in the food pyramid?
Do you prefer Copenhagen or Skoll?
Do you have any nieces, nephews, cousins or children named after coon-dogs: Blue, Jake, Badger or Whoop?
Do you head or heel when team roping?
How long before you have to renew you’re Farm Bureau membership, your subscription to Sports Afield, and the warranty on your four-wheeled drive pick-up?”

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