Tough Times

I had coffee this past week with a close friend whose mortgage company is going through deep waters. As the whole industry in the U.S. is being roiled by the sub-prime crisis and the resulting credit crunch, his company is in a vice that he has never experienced in his several decades of business.

Inside the cover of his diary, he had pasted the following quote from Thomas Merton which is poignant considering the circumstances:

“Tribulation detaches us from the things of nothingness in which we spend ourselves and die. Therefore, tribulation gives us life and we love it not out of love for death, but out of love for life.

Let me then withdraw all my love from scattered, vain things—the desire to be read and praised as a writer, to be a successful teacher praised by my students, or to live at east in some beautiful place—and let me place everything in Thee, where it will take root and live, instead of being spent in barrenness.”

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  1. Nathan Burke Says:

    Hey Sam,

    I am considering a blog but have never really been exposed to them. I know, I know, I have been in my little shell. I remembered you had one and thought I’d check it out.

    This is a great quot. I just got off the phone with a friend from the USA. He was telling me how things are there economically speaking. It seems that this quote may be one most Americans should read and consider.

    Thanks for posting it. Good food for thought.

    God’s peace and hello to Patty from Roxana and me.

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