2008 Wish List

If I could wish for a few things in 2008, it would include:

1. An affordable hydrogen car to come on the market
2. A spam filter that really works
3. The end of TV reality show
4. The US dollar and British pound to be at parity
5. A food that includes the benefits of broccoli, carrots and bran but tastes like an In-N-Out burger.
6. All-news channels that are really that and not forums for argumentative, unintelligent wind-bags
7. A rush-hour drive on an uncrowded freeway
8. Presidential primaries and campaigning not to start until six months before an election
9. Beginning to teach children multiple languages in the 1st grade
10. At least six more inches in economy on international flights
11. Refrigerator ice-makers that don’t jam or break
12. Getting off the summons list for jury duty
13. Affordable solar heating, cooling and water systems for homes
14. A candidate who represents the diversity of Obama, the integrity of McCain, the shrewdness of Clinton, the intelligence of Biden, and the values of Huckabee.
15. A larger Trader Joe’s nearby
16. A main sewer line that won’t clog up on Christmas day when a dozen people are coming for dinner
17. A pill that you could take and eliminate jet lag
18. Grandkids

9 Responses to “2008 Wish List”

  1. McMaken Says:

    I agree with the grandkids wish!

    Waiting to be a grandma :o )

  2. McMaken Says:

    Let’s see some little Metcalfs toddling around.

    I hear that your wife already has bought grandchildren gifts and is storing them in a “hope chest”.

  3. jamie Says:

    I wish the electric car would be re-manufactured.

  4. Tom Middleton Says:

    Janae and Anika are happy to stand in until such time and your flesh and blodd arrive.
    I would put British Pound and Dollar parity as numero uno.

  5. Ken Van Swearingen Says:

    #14 – it’s Ron Paul…

  6. Sam Says:

    Ken …do you have a libertarian bias that is showing? I probably should have included “electability” in the list which would have taken care of Ron Paul.

  7. Ken Says:

    Bias?...I’m an evangelical, how could I also be a libertarian? As far as “electability” goes, I must have been swept away by the wish list theme.

  8. Andy Says:

    You forgot: “My cake and that I get to eat it, too.”

  9. baby sister Says:

    Well big bro….would you like a little cheese with that whine??? excuse me that was supposed to be plural…whines! Thought I might ‘respond’ to a few of your ‘wishes’.
    1) Would be thrilled to have a car that is younger than 18 yrs. and still runs!
    2) TV??? Who has time to view it? Live my life for a day and find true REALITY!!
    3) Why watch 24/7 news anyway? Life is stressed and depressing enough – I don’t need to watch how bad the rest of the world is!
    4) Why teach multiple languages when I have a hard enough time with our native tongue English?? (and so do most children!)
    5) I would LOVE jury duty! It would get me out of the house – with pay – and allow me to see how blessed I really am compared to others!
    6) Isn’t ‘Trader Joe’s” that place down by the creek that you trade gummy worms in for the real thing? (and you want a bigger one???? Kook!)
    7) Sewer problems??? I told you to do what we do…..dig a hole in the back yard, put a wooden box (with a round hole cut into the top) over the dug hole and hang a shower curtain around it. Ta-Da! Instant privy with no back-ups
    8) And finally your desire for grandkids…........you have 3 teenage nephews who still qualify as children that you are welcome to have for a trial period of 5-6 years. If that don’t float your boat….you can practice on the (2) eighty yr olds that I am currently housing. They have the same needs as children – diapers included – only you can’t put them in a stroller or use rolled up newspaper on them when they are bad. Think about it…..

    Oh yeah, forgot to tell you; “Happy New Year”!

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