Which way Anglicans?

St Pauls Cathedral[1]

Do you jump ship on a sinking vessel or hang in there and try to save it?

That’s a perennial dilemma that many people face in denominations and churches that are on the downside of their life-cycle.

There is a part of me that genuinely longs to see a whole new wave of spiritual vitality and renewal sweep through the Anglican churches of Great Britain. I appreciate the incredible legacy of the institution and the way God has worked through it throughout history. And today there are some bright spots in the Church of England which include some gifted, godly people who feel God has led them to remain committed to what appears to be an ecclesiastical Titanic.

However, I have my doubts that this moribund institution will ever see again the type of movement of the Spirit of God that occurred during the four great awakenings and revivals that swept the Western world in the past 300 years and had profound effects at every level of British society. The ingredients, both internally and externally that would provide fertile ground for such a movement are simply not there.

What is encouraging is that God is not bound by such human limitations. His long-suffering and ongoing compassion toward a society such as contemporary England will not be thwarted by churchly forms that have lost their potency.

My guess is that the best hope for the UK is for to God multiply a new generation of Charles Simeons, inside or outside Anglican structures, through whom the transformational power of the Spirit will flow. They are the types of men and women I want to look for.

Deo planto is sic!

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  1. Mike Says:

    Dear Sam,
    Thanks for your musings on the UK and Anglican Church. You know I love Mother Britain, and your words have driven me to pray each time. While I see and know first hand of what you speak, I still cannot but hope and ache for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to breath new life into her, and into the Anglican Church. Those isles have given us every great awakening from Patrick and the centuries of Celtic mission, to the four of which you refer. I do pray so. I actually see her awakening before the US does… We’re too arrogant to know we’ve lost the plot. :-) But you know these issues well.

    Thanks again.

  2. dan Says:

    Hey did you hear about this motion in the house of commons?
    “That this House calls for the disestablishment of the Church of England.”
    It hasn’t been seriously debated, but it, seaming by chance, acquire the designation EDM (early daily motion) 666.

    The enemy may be trying to squash any potential of further good to be done by the Church of England. Anyway, it is a bit weird.

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