Urban Cultural Creatives


I recently spent several days with these skuzzy characters in Germany to get acquainted with a missional community south of Heidelberg.

What we saw and experienced is a fascinating case study of an emerging church uniquely crafted for Europe. It is led and populated by young, urban, cultural creatives.

Every generation has had men and women like this, but as Western culture staggers into the 21st century, the magnitude of this demographic is significant and growing. The future of the Christian movement in a setting such as Europe depends largely on how historic faith leans into, and is absorbed, by this cultural milieu.

  • It is all about the creative arts …music, design, graphics, film, art, dance …

  • Music particularly is the lingua franca. It is the poetry and vehicle of emotional expression that crosses culture and speaks to the heart. Luther may have changed the world because of the printing press. In our day, it’s the iPod.

  • Media reigns. Film and video are no longer elitist but accessible to all in a flat, virtual democracy which provides unbounded outlets to creativity

  • It’s a profoundly urban phenomena influenced by all the swirling complexities of “the city” in which the majority of the population in the West now live.

No generation in human history has had the leisure time or the affluence that allows for young, urban, cultural creatives to become such a sociologically dominating class. Even when such individuals were elitist and in the past lived on the margins of Western society, the effect on the culture was powerful. How much more so today when the margin is now the center and by sheer numbers dictates the direction of popular culture?

For serious followers of Jesus, the real issue has become how expressions of the imago Dei are fully integrated into the missio Dei. The future of the West hangs in the balance.

3 Responses to “Urban Cultural Creatives”

  1. Makeesha Fisher Says:

    David and I are steeped in this “world” in our locale and it’s in our blood to live in that space. Here in Fort Collins, the cultural creative is not only gaining ground in every area of our culture but already HAS gained ground and it’s so exciting but also extremely challenging as Christ followers.

    I think the “cultural creative” is actually largely ignored as a philosophical world view while the post modern is focused on. we have the chance to be a prophetic voice and it’s really exciting.

  2. Mark Says:

    Hey Sam, thank you so much for visiting us. Was a privilege… our heads and hearts are still working hard to get through all the stuff you left us here! Realy looking forward how all this will turn out… Lets stay in contact.



  3. andrew jones (tsk) Says:

    i recognize my good friend Marc Reichmann in the photo.

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