Divine Contacts

Divine Contact

One of the ways God exercises his sovereign leading in a person’s life is through what J. Robert Clinton and others refer to as “divine contacts.”

While the concept may seem embarrassingly obvious, it is the simplicity itself that makes it easy to overlook and consequently miss the powerful and intentional way God often leads through such a relationship.

Clinton defines a divine contact as:

A person whom God brings in contact with a leader at a crucial moment in a developmental phase in order to accomplish one or more of the following:

1. to affirm and encourage leadership potential
2. to give guidance on a special issue
3. to provide insights which may give guidance indirectly and broaden the leader
4. to challenge the leader God-ward
5. to open a door to a ministry opportunity
6. to help an emerging leader make guidance decisions
7. to move the leader toward greater commitment

Without being alert to divine contacts, I can miss out both when God has placed such a person in my life or when I serve as such a person for others. Recently, Bobby wrote about how this works personally for him.
“I know from past experience that God will bring me in contact with people for whom something I say will make a significant difference in their lives—in other words, I may precipitate a pivotal point in their life. Because this has been true in the past, I am alert to it and actually pray God would make me a divine contact. Usually I will ask for a specific number (in a particular setting or event).”

God, make me alert to those you send into my life and for those to whom I am sent.

2 Responses to “Divine Contacts”

  1. Joseph Says:

    As simple as this may seem, as you have suggested, the relationship encounter is powerful! I can read a book about the same ideas/guidance a peson would give me but the relational or face-to-face contact is divine. I know for me this has been true as one having been on the receiving end.

    Thanks Sam.

  2. Michael Says:

    Set your face like a flint, Sam, and press into all the Redeemer reveals to you. I have been prompted to turn up my prayers for you and Patty.

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