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Tamas and Zsofia Heiser are with Barnabas Csoport, CRM’s ministry in Hungary, and are moving toward the role of leading that team.

This comes after a church planting experience over the past decade where God used them to birth and give leadership to a healthy group of believers in Zalaegerszeg in the southern part of the country.

While a highly respected pastor and leader in his community, denomination and throughout the country, Tamas is making the move to Barnabas Csoport because he sees the acute need for leadership in the church that is and the church that needs to be in Hungary and beyond. His situation is also another vivid example of an apostolic leader that needs an apostolic structure to accomplish all that God intends for his life. Tamas’ sense of vision and calling has moved beyond the boundaries of one local context. A gifted musician, teacher and great mom, Zsofia plays an integral role in all that has transpired and how God will use them in the future. She fully shares this step into the turbulent world of the missionary.

While Tamas may not be as “frustrated” in the same sense as Eric (February 7, 2006 post in Apostolic Ecclesiology), he’s cut out of the same cloth. He, Zsofia, and their three children are in the process of selling their home and moving to Budapest. They are taking some bold, sacrificial steps to follow God’s leading in their lives, steps that God will bless and through which the Church and God’s kingdom purposes will be enriched throughout this region of the world.

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  1. Brian Francis Hume Says:


    I love the title! I enjoyed perusing your blog and I plan to bookmark it in order to keep my eyes on the International scene. My wife is from Poland (we met at Christ For the Nations Institute) so I like to keep abreast of what is happening in Eastern Europe. Also, I noted that you are a fellow Virginian! My wife and I spent two semesters at Fuller Theological Seminary in ’02 in the Intercultural program that was working in conjunction with Victory Campus Ministries. Yet, we decided to move to Virginia to be closer to my family.

    I love your legacy statement: “Leaders of a movement embodied in an apostolic organization.” That also resonates in my heart. I have to agree that one of the primary keys of an exceptional leader is the ability to create a context for the emergence of high caliber leaders. Check out a “secular” book called Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change by William Joiner & Stephen Josephs. Although they are greatly influenced by Buddhist thought, I think they provide some frameworks that you might find useful, especially their Agility Compass. One of the agility that they identify as necessary for success is the “context-setting” agility. Also check out The Missional Leader by Alan Roxburgh and Fred Romanuk, which also has some great insights on the notion of context.

    Continue the great work! I’ll be checking out your blog.


    Brian Francis Hume

  2. Sam Says:


    Thanks for cruising the site and introducing yourself. Sounds like we have lots in common …Virgina, Fuller, similar sense of calling, etc … Sorry our paths never crossed when you were in Pasadena.

    Enjoyed looking over your website. Would be interested in learning more about what you have in mind with Cause2Impact International.

    Thanks for the references to Joiner and Josephs …am not familiar with it but will check it out. Am familiar with Alan Roxburgh and have met with him.


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