Horror at Va. Tech

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I grew up in Blacksburg, Va.

My dad was a graduate of Va. Tech and the first 18 years of my life (except ages 2-4) were spent in this town. I drove by this scene above virtually every day for a dozen years. The town and campus is an incredibly beautiful, bucolic area nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western Virginia. It is, from all outward appearances, a most unlikely setting for the horrors of the past 24 hours.

To see scenes of places that I know like the back of my hand plastered all over national T.V. because of this killing spree has been nothing less than jarring. It is surreal to see Peter Jennings against a backdrop that includes the road that goes to my parent’s home.

What an awful, poignant reminder of the reality of evil in a fallen world. It is sadly and admittedly easy to become jaded by such when it’s in Iraq or Dafur. But when such evil emerges in a setting such as Blacksburg, it shatters any illusion that security is possible in our troubled world or that safety is geographically determined.

May God grant his peace and his presence to those who mourn. May his people be conduits of his love and compassion in the midst of such awful events.

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