I was supposed to be on a British Airways flight this afternoon on the way to the UK and then to the Middle East.

Instead, I’m flat on my back in bed suffering from a severe case of vertigo. I can’t stand. And even taking a few steps results in awful nausea and throwing up. When I move, the room spins. It’s like being seasick. The only complete relief is keeping my eyes shut and lying prone. I’ve never had anything like this before. This is day four and it’s been ugly.

So what do you think about when in such a posture?

Nobody is indispensable. I can cancel all the things on my schedule and have confidence that others can do whatever I miss and in some cases probably do them better.
Such weakness creates some interesting empathy for those who likewise suffer. Can’t imagine what it must be like for those going through chemo or who are bedridden for one reason or another.
It has meant much to have so many friends call, write, email or stop by and pray. Such acts of kindness go a long way. I need to remember this when well.
Instead of groveling in my discomfort, how can I redeem such “down time.” Perhaps using it to pray and enjoy the undistracted presence of Jesus?
I am an abysmal patient. While I may not die, if this lasts too long, my wife will kill me to put herself out of the misery of caring for such a grump. Even her gift of mercy has limits!

5 Responses to “Vertigo”

  1. Doug Says:

    Wow. That sounds horrible. I will pray that the room stops moving.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Sam, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re suffering from vertigo! I’ve experienced it several times myself and it’s awful because of the incapacitation. I’m praying that you’ll experience the presence of Jesus in a particularly meaningful way, though, especially on this Good Friday. Laying flat on my back often reminds me of how my relationship with Jesus is first and foremost and the rest is just extra stuff, important, but secondary. Hope you recover soon, in the Lord’s perfect timing!

  3. Alyce & Steve Says:

    We are praying for you Sam….we are also praying for Patty for restraint!

  4. Keith Says:

    Sam, get Patty to spin you in the opposite direction. Everything should even out!

    Seriously, get better buddy, and get some pray behind this. It sounds too well timed to be just a fluke.

  5. Nick and Zona Righetti Says:

    We’re praying for intervention from the Healer. You may feel replaceable but it’s hard for us to feel that way.

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