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I just returned from a three day retreat in Indonesia with the CRM Singapore staff. It was a milestone because included were three Singaporeans who have made the decision to join CRM Singapore. Pictured here is one of our times of prayer for these new missionaries.

Singapore has enormous potential to contribute to the worldwide Christian movement. It’s strategic location, wealth, number and health of existing churches, all add up for it to be a place and a people to whom much has been given and much can be expected.

However, whether it will “step up” to assume such a role hangs in the balance. Most honest observers see:

1. An inordinate reluctance on the part of Singaporean Christians to leave comfort, financial security, family and jobs to risk it all in a missional vocation. Such an overly responsible commitment to the status-quo is in the fabric of the culture and reinforced by the government.
2. Lots of short-term mission experiences which send people every which direction but result in little long-term commitment, a phenomena characteristic of other rich nations which can afford to dabble.
3. Over half of the present career missionary force of approximately 500 are completely sent, supported, and controlled by existing local churches rather than apostolic, missionary sending entities. Such a short-sighted, inadequate ecclesiology invariably stunts the missionary thrust.

Our prayer is that the three Singaporeans who have joined CRM will be the “tip of the iceberg” of those who will eventually represent Christ throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

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3 Responses to “From Singapore to the World …”

  1. Colin Russell Says:

    I have just moved to Singapore and would love to learn more about your work. The notes on the website about your guys in Singapore and their ambitions is something I would love to tap into.

    I want to be part of an outward thinking christian group and one that directly reaches out to those in need spirituially and physically.

    Would very much welcome your feedback , advice , suggestions.


    Colin R

  2. Sam Says:

    Feel free to contact the CRM director in Singapore, James Creasman:

    Office Phone: +65 6256 2767
    Male Mobile: +6598398559

  3. Sam Says:


    Sorry: I gave you a wrong email for Jim Creasman. It is

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