The Wearing Out of the Body

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My good Brit buddy, Colin Crawley, gave me a new tennis racket for Christmas.

It’s great! But it’s taking some getting used to. I just touch the ball and it zings. And it also means that I have to actually use it. No excuses now.

So the past several weekends, Colin, Tom, and I have given the new rackets a workout. All went well until last week when my age apparently caught up with me as I tried to keep up. Shots I used to return flew by in frustration as I couldn’t quite reach. But most frustrating was that my left knee gave out.

So tomorrow is my second physical therapy session on the bum knee. Never thought it would happen. But the mechanics are not quite what they used to be.

What gave me hope, however, was a front page story in the LA Times the same week about our esteemed governor …Arnold Schwarzenegger and how at age 60, his body is wearing out. Most incredibly was the picture the Times ran of the “terminator.”

Take heart! If that is the epitome of the male physique at 60, there is definitely hope for the rest of us mere mortals!


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  1. Bobby Says:

    I want to see you in your speedo, not Arnie! It’s one thing to run around the world with those youngsters…it’s another to get on the tennis court with them. What were you thinking?! I hope your knee is feeling better quickly!

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