Collectives vs. Communities

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Our friend, Evan Howard, a present-day monastic whose Spirituality Shoppe is an evangelical center for the study of Christian spirituality in the mountains of Colorado, writes in his latest newsletter:

“The difference between a collective and a community is care. Collectives gather together, do the same things, perhaps wear similar clothes. Communities give themselves for each other.

In communities people matter to each other. In community we are an issue for each other. At times this can indeed be a cause of suffering. But our Three-personed God designed this dynamic to be a means of the relief of suffering. A community wherein the other matters is basic to what it means to be human and it reflects the very character of God. No wonder we long for community!

An so you say to me, ‘I just can’t seem to find community.’ I ask you, ‘For whom do you care?’ You ask me, ‘How do I start real community?’ I say to you, ‘Start caring for someone.’”

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  1. Dave DeVries Says:

    Thanks Sam. This is really good. I think more people need to choose to give themselves for each other – to start caring!

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