Rachmaninoff and the Imago Dei

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Patty and I had the pleasure of enjoying, as a gift, an evening at Disney Hall to hear the LA Philharmonic perform Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 It was a wonderful experience in an amazing musical venue.

“Prodigy” would be too mild a word to describe the conductor, 25 year-old Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel. And guest piano virtuoso, the renowned Yefim Bronfman, was remarkable. It was special treat for us to see such giftedness and incredible musical ability firsthand.

As I marveled at the musical and architectural artistry, it seemed that everything around me was silently shouting out powerful affirmation of the Imago Dei. Such human creativity and genius, whether acknowledged or not, has no other source nor any other reasonable explanation apart from the Imago Dei.

7 Responses to “Rachmaninoff and the Imago Dei”

  1. Dave DeVries Says:

    Wow! What a concert! My wife, Deanne, and I went to here the Rach 3 last weekend, too. It was truly amazing.

    Thanks for the reminder of that God is the source of all true beauty, creativity and genius.

  2. Sam Says:

    You guys were probably there the same time we were …Thursday evening?

  3. Dave DeVries Says:

    Yes, we were there on Thursday – and we had great seats, actually behind the stage. We watched Gustavo Dudamel as he directed. He was amazing – so full of energy! When I read in the program that he was born in 1981 and that he began conducting in 1996, I could hardly believe it.

    We also had a clear view of the piano keyboard and we were in awe. The Rach 3 has been one of my favorite pieces for years and this was the first time I heard it performed with a live orchestra. What a blessing!

  4. Sam Says:

    We were on the opposite side of the hall in the last row at the very top. So we were looking at you through the entire concert!

    What was also remarkable for us was that every time the conductor turned the score, we could hear the page turn from where we sat. The accoustics were phenomenal.

  5. Dave DeVries Says:

    Just two more comments…
    1) My son and daughter went with us and they were sitting right in the same section with you. They were in the last row at the very top (row D, seat 110)
    2) The first piece (Dance of Galanta by Kodaly) and the final piece (Concerto for Orchestra by Bartok) – Dudamel didn’t use a score. He conducted both entire pieces from memory. It was phenomenal.

  6. Sam Says:

    I think you kids sat right next to us.

  7. Christine Says:

    What a thoughtful gift… So glad you enjoyed it.

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