Money, Sex and Parenting

Checkbook Male-Female-Symbols-01 Parenting

In my experience, there are three tender topics that unless they are broached, a discipling, coaching or mentoring relationship will rarely move beyond the superficial.

Money: What people do with their money is usually a hot-to-handle issue. It touches on lifestyles, possessions, and deep-seated values. It often crosses an artificial cultural boundary that says “My checkbook is my private business.”

Sex: I remember the evening that a man, my age and now a good friend, leveled with me and said “I’m not interested in a friendship unless we get to the point that I can candidly discuss issues related to sex.” Despite the social openness that prevails in western society about this topic, personal, honest and transparent discussions about sexuality are rare. Sexuality touches us at our core.

Parenting: Few topics are as sensitive to bring up than how someone parents their kids. I’ve found very few moms or dads open to conversations about this when it gets up close and personal. It’s fine to discuss in the abstract. But it is risky to tell someone that their little Johnny or Susie is an out-of-control hellion. Momma bears protect their cubs and human beings are no different.

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