Worst-Case Scenarios

Titanic With Lifeboats

One of the better gifts I recently received was a book entitled The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook for Travel. It provides practical solutions to those sticky situations that most of us fantasize, fear or perhaps dream we may encounter such as:

How to:

Control a runaway camel
Stop a runaway passenger train
Stop a car with no brakes
Stop a runaway horse
Crash-land a plane on water
Survive a riot
Foil a scam artist
Survive a mugging
Tail a thief
Lose someone who is following you
Jump from rooftop to rooftop
Jump from a moving train
Escape from a car hanging over the edge of a cliff
Escape when tied up
Ram a barricade
Escape from the trunk of a car
Survive a fall onto subway tracks
Survive in a plummeting elevator
Survive when lost in the jungle
Climb out of a well
Navigate a minefield
Survive a riptide
Survive when you fall through ice
Survive a trip over a waterfall
Survive a volcanic eruption
Survive a high-rise hotel fire
Find water on a deserted island
Build a shelter in the snow
Survive a tsunami
Survive a sandstorm
Catch fish without a rod
Deal with a tarantula
Treat a scorpion sting
Cross a piranha-infested river
Treat a severed limb
Remove a leech

It greatly increases my confidence knowing I now have all the answers to those dilemmas that Indiana Jones, James Bond and Laura Croft have tackled with ease and inspiration.

I’m also sure it makes those folks who tromp around the world with me feel much more secure.

“Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel” (Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht)

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  1. andy Says:

    wow, i never thought my little gift woudl get blogged about.. but hey, when are you going to blog about submerge?

  2. Sam Says:

    Andy: Check out 12/25 and 12/16 …blogs on sub-merge.

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