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I may have the rhythm right and I may have a place to go. But once there, what do I do? What’s the plan? This is where some of the spiritual disciplines can be most helpful. Silence, contemplation, listening prayer, intercession and visualization have all, at one time or another, played important parts in my “plan.”

While the bible and being immersed into scripture is certainly a central feature of such communion with Jesus, how that is carried out can vary widely, again depending upon my needs, my temperament, and what God wants to communicate. There are numerous forms of reading, studying, meditating, memorizing and hearing God’s word that may be applicable. I find the guiding principle to be: What brings life? Through what means is the presence of Jesus mediated in a way that I can hear his voice with clarity and surety?

I’ve found Bobby Clinton’s “Levels of Word Gifts” to be liberating when it comes to use of the bible in focused time with God. This paradigm has helped me understand how I am uniquely wired and has given me permission and even freedom to use the bible in ways that feed and nourish my soul rather than enslave me to the methods of others.

All sorts of tools can be part of my “plan”: poetry, hymnody, Lectio Divina, CDs, journaling, the Examen or other Ignatian spiritual exercises or their derivatives, etc …to name a few.

Regardless, for me it has always been crucial to remember that tools are only tools. They are never an end in and of themselves. If something doesn’t work, it should be jettisoned. What I am pursuing is God and there is no one thing in all creation that can begin to give me a corner on the totality of that relationship.

The older I get, the more I realize that God is remarkably accommodating, far beyond my imagination or comprehension. He longs to relate with me so much that he will go to great extremes to overcome the frailties of my humanity. Consider what he has done throughout redemptive history and the huge variety of means he has employed to reveal himself …angels, a pillar of fire, a temple, an ass, an audible voice from heaven, etc …

In my experience, if I can just move in his direction, he will go to great lengths to invade my space. And he does it with incredible kindness.

I need to:

Understand my pace
Find a place
Establish a plan

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  1. MP Says:

    thanks, Sam. good stuff. encouraging & true… reinforcing the humility of God Himself as He comes to meet us.

  2. Shannon Says:

    The Bobby Clinton piece you refer to – is that a book, an essay, or something I missed in an earlier post? I was intrigued, but couldn’t find it anywhere (amazon, etc)

    Thank you for a great site

  3. Christian Productivity Says:

    Christian Productivity…

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