ER and a Thick Skin

Spicy Fries

It was not how expected to spend Monday evening.

Jon Moore, CRM’s Executive VP, and I were getting a quick bite to eat at a sports bar at the Sacramento, CA airport, waiting to catch a flight home from a day spent in Northern California seeing a financial partner. I was downing some great spicy fries that came with the burger when the itching began almost immediately …first my hands, then my feet, scalp, ears, and within minutes welts were appearing on my arms and neck. Eventually, my whole body was turning red.

Having been down this route before, I knew it was an allergic reaction. Something in those fries was deadly for me, ether in the oil in which they were fried or the spicy dressing. So it became quite the scene in the airport. A cop, paramedics, ambulance drivers, and lots of curious onlookers as they wheeled me down the concourse on a gurney and off to the nearest hospital.

I carry an epinephrine injection with me at all times for such a situation but didn’t use it on the advice of the paramedics who wanted me at the ER and not self-medicating. Besides, that needle looks like something you shoot into an elephant. Jabbing that spear into my leg is not my idea of fun if it can be avoided.

By the time we reached the ER, the medicine given in the IV on the way had begun to work and slowly, the reaction subsided. More meds and the doc released me later in the evening.

The highlight of the experience? As paramedic struggled to get the IV started in my arm, they pulled over to the side of the freeway so he could getter a better jab, and he commented: “Sorry that hurt so much, but you have unusually thick skin!” “It’s a prerequisite for my job” I replied.

So much for spicy fries.

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  1. Carolyn Laurin Says:

    Dear Sam: I guess having “thick skin” comes in handy in lots of ways, wouldn’t you say? Seriously, I praise the Lord that you were in the airport and not on the airplane when you had this reaction and that you were in Sacramento not Lebanon! (Although you probably wouldn’t have been eating spicy french fries in a sports bar in Lebanon!)

    Late tonight I was finishing a book I’ve been reading called “A Bend in the Road…..Experiencing God When Your World Caves In.” I bought this book when I found out Martha had Stage IV Breast Cancer, read it quickly and mailed a copy to her. I have since given several copies to people who are going through various types of trials. In fact, I just ordered a copy to be sent to Doug and Kelly Humphreys. Anyway, I was reading a prayer by Richard Kriegbaum, Leadership Prayers, and the Lord immediately brought you to mind. I have typed the prayer below.

    “So much depends on me, yet all I have for this task is whatever health and energy You give me….I eat carefully, rest, exercise, and think positive thoughts, and still this wretched lump of clay fails me. You have Creator’s rights on my body. You formed every miraculous part. What You take away is Your business. I will do what I can with whatever capabilitiy You give me. It yours….
    The days end as the years end, with never enough time for all the good that could be done, only just enough for Your priorities, if I get them right. You created time, and it does not limit You. But I do not have a thousand years today, God. I have only now.
    So this day is Yours; I am yours” these people are Yours, the resources are Yours. The challenges we face are Yours, as is anything we hope to accomplish.
    It’s Yours, God. It ’s not mine.”

    I am going to ask Tim Redmond if I can share this at the next CRM Board Meeting. What a wonderful way to start out each day!

    Carolyn Laurin
    CRM Intercession Team/
    CRM Board Member

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