A Day of Diversity

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The morning started early as I left home about 5:30 am to catch a flight to Portland for a day of planning with Paul Rhoads, CRM’s Ex. VP.

When I got to the Orange County airport, to my dismay the flight had been cancelled. The best Alaska Airlines could do was put me in a taxi to pick up a later flight from Los Angeles International. The next hour I had a fascinating ride with a Somali cab driver—a college student who had immigrated two years ago and was moonlighting as a taxi driver. He was also a practicing Muslim. The conversation turned to Jesus which ended with a commitment on his part to look at the Bible and see firsthand who Jesus claimed to be.

When I settled into a seat at the gate to await the flight, the folks around me were speaking Russian. So, I chimed in with my rudimentary Russian and began interacting with a group who had immigrated from Ukraine back in the 90s and had not been back since. We ended up looking together on my computer at pictures from Kiev and Cherkassy where I had been in September. As the conversation drifted to religion, they were not Orthodox, rather admittedly secular but “who had God in their hearts.”

At the end of the day on the 2-hour flight back from the Northeast, my traveling companion in the next seat on the plane was a Dutch virologist who had worked for the WHO in a variety of trouble spots around the world. We traded stories about cross-cultural venues.

All in a days work.

All fascinating opportunities to let God steer events and conversations.

All marvelous possibilities to simply see what Jesus may be trying to do in people’s lives and how he would want me to cooperate in helping them move one step closer to Him. Domine Dirige Nos.

3 Responses to “A Day of Diversity”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I half expected the Somali cab driver to ask about a passage in Isaiah and then ask to pull over and be baptized in the Los Angeles river.

    Great stories! All because something went wrong with your flight and you went with the flow of the Spirit.

    Very encouraging.

  2. Steve Addison Says:

    great post Sam!

  3. Sam Says:

    Steve and Patrick …good to hear from you guys. Thanks for your comments.

    It was a VERY interesting day, and Patrick, the LA river actually had water flowing through the concrete channels that day. I only wish God had transported me like Philip. Could have avoided a lot of LA traffic with that type of “beam me up Spirit” transport.

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