Ralph Winter on Holism

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“The most shocking, tragic and incredible delusion built right into contemporary Evangelicalism in many areas is the idea that we are here on earth simply to get more people fixed up for eternity.

That aspiration is basic, of course. But it’s preliminary to a life lived 24/7 in an all-out battle against those things that dishonor God: evil things, disease germs, corruption, dishonesty in industry and government. I John 3:8 says, ‘The Son of God came for this purpose, that He might destroy the works of the Devil.’ And, as the Father sent Him, so He sends us!

In fact, glorifying God by fighting evil is the best way to win people to Christ. Jesus Himself, fought evil, dishonesty and greed—and disease. He did this to reveal to us the character of our heavenly Father.

It is no merely a case of overcoming evil with good, as when we run up against ‘flesh and blood.” We must also deliberately seek out and destroy evil in order to defend and confirm the character of our Father in Heaven.”

In Mission Frontiers, November, 2006.

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