Personal Sense of Calling

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OK.  I need to come clean.

I need to explain why much of the focus on this blog (and in what I do with my time, energy, and passion) is on apostolic people and apostolic movements.  In my personal calling statement, there are three pivotal elements that shape my role, ministry assignments, and ultimate contribution …all things that CRM works with leaders to help them understand.  Simply stated, my personal calling from God is:

1. To challenge, recruit, sponsor and empower growing numbers of godly, high-potential leaders into apostolic ministry

2. To pioneer, nurture and grow apostolic structures which will multiply leadership for the Church in every nation.

3. To prophetically challenge the Church to holistic obedience and the giving our our sons and daughters to a missional life.

It is through this template that I view life.  It is consistent with my gifts and experience, and determines how my time, energy, prayer, and resources are focused.  To do otherwise would be disobedient to God’s clear leading in my life.  And through this pursuit, I believe I have the best chance possible of making my unique contribution to Jesus’ kingdom purposes.  Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Bryan Riley Says:

    That is our hearts’ call as well. We are just now getting started, but it is where God is leading us. We’re just trying to take the steps of faith that will continue this journey. Thanks for writing.

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