Unsung Heroes


Argentine and Shawni are missionaries in Moldova.

He’s Moldovan and she’s from Ukraine. They met in university in Romania and returned to his native Moldova after graduation. She is a medical doctor but prohibited from practicing since they moved. Together, they are part of a team that gives leadership to a nascent church planting movement in this region of the country. Three new churches have emerged from the efforts of this team.

They are quality leaders. Quiet, deep, tenacious, servants committed to multiplying a new generation of leaders and churches in this former Soviet republic and beyond.

Wherever I come across fruitful movements such as this, inevitably at their core are people like Argentine and Shawni. They don’t write books. They don’t spout theory. They don’t blog. They simply do it.

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  1. Harry Mueller Says:

    I just read your short message. Would like to hear more what you are doing. Our church is supporting a small church in Rumania, we are very fond of Rumania. Living conditions are hard there, as I know they are in the Ukraine too. Am praying for you and wished I could help you in some way. What is your most pressing need?
    Please stay encouraged,
    John 16,33
    yours Harry

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