Ukraine and “Kreativity” – a Church Planting Movement

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David (far left above) grew up in Britain and first came to Ukraine when he was 19. He fell in love with the country and eventually fell in love with Katya who was from Ukraine. Today, they have one child (Timothy), live in Cherkassy, a city of about 350,000 on the Dnieper and serve with CRM catalyzing a movement that I believe will eventually affect the entire nation. This movement has two important foci:

1. They are riding a wave of what could be a significant church planting movement. The latent leadership potential that exists in the team of young Ukrainians gathered around them is impressive. (In the picture above, we are brainstorming late at night with this group in David and Kaya’s kitchen).

They exhibit missional vision, apostolic giftedness, and a growing sense of destiny that God wants to use them to reach thousands of their generation with the good news of Jesus through multiplying churches. David and Katya are committed to developing and mentoring these leaders in this pursuit.

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2. David is a natural entrepreneur. Because he has seen the misuse and abuse of outside money, he has worked hard to generate funding and resources for this budding movement from within Ukraine not only through generous giving, but through the creation of for-profit businesses. He has begun three which we saw firsthand:

- Cafe Kreative: providing a clean, bright environment with great food, drinks and ambience (pictured above);

- E-Kreative: a growing internet design business that is attracting clients from around the world;

- Spohad: a contemporary portrait studio.

Funds generated from these businesses have also been used to send Ukrainians on mission trips to Siberia, Belarus, Tansania, Tajikistan, and South Africa. This is what CRM Enterprise is all about.

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