Mentoring and Leadership Transitions

One of Bobby Clinton’s more significant contributions to my own thinking and practice as I move into a new season of ministry responsibility has been regarding “strategic leadership transitions.” Of his ten principles, his comments about mentoring as a primary means are particularly applicable:

“Mentoring (both from within the organization and without) must be intentional and in terms of developmental needs. A whole range of mentoring is needed. There should be short term mentoring as well as long term mentoring. Mentor sponsoring, of course, is the major thrust of the whole strategic leadership transition function. But coaching (of the next needed leadership level skills is a must). Spiritual direction is paramount. Contemporary modeling is a major way younger leaders learn about leadership. Taking younger leaders with you and allowing them to sit in on major problem solving activities and seeing how decisions are made will speed their development as leaders, immensely. Sponsoring is crucial and should be deliberate. This includes linking to important needed resources-including people and finances. Send them to seminars and workshops and conferences and pay for it. Send them to school if that can help, and pay for it.”

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