Clinton on Authenticity

J. Robert Clinton from his studies in the book of James writes:

“Christian faith which has the ring of authenticity is:

• tested and strengthened by temptation,
• manifested in life style,
• illustrated by control of one’s words,
• is rooted in character with proper underlying motivations, and
• waits for the Lord’s coming with expectant prayer-answering faith.

Authenticity is a dominant trait looked for by “post-modern” people examining Christianity particularly in light of the HIV/Aids pandemic, the millions of kids at risk and the injustices in our world. Does our Christian faith have a ring of authenticity? Is it manifested in a life style that is challenging the great needs our world? In light of these issues, James comes alive in a fresh/new way.”

(Painting is the Apostle James by El Greco, circa 1610-1614, who was known as the first great genius of the Spanish School).

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