Lincoln on Leadership


No figure in American public life has been studied, analyzed and dissected as much as Abraham Lincoln.

While not a new book, Donald Phillips volume, Lincoln on Leadership examines the 16th president in light of his leadership strengths and abilities. Some of the principles Phillips derives from Lincoln’s leadership are:

Advocate a vision and continually reaffirm it
Build strong alliances
Circulate among followers continuously
Search for capable, intelligent assistants
Encourage innovation
Persuade rather than coerce
Influence people through stories and illustrations
Be results oriented

“Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times” (Donald T. Phillips)

2 Responses to “Lincoln on Leadership”

  1. Tom Middleton Says:

    Sounds like an INFP. Do we know if Lincoln was an INFP?

  2. Sam Says:

    I suspect you can check out his Myers/Briggs which is on display in the museum in the basement of Ford’s Theater in Washington.

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