From a Hospital in Denver

Patty At Torrey Pines

We have been in Denver for Patty’s regular check-up and evaluation at the National Jewish Medical Center.

Four years ago, Patty was diagnosed with a lung disease called MAI (Mycobacteium Avian Intercellulare) and we go to National Jewish because it’s the leading respiratory hospital in the nation with doctors who specialize in this type of infectious disease. This bacteria is a cousin to TB and especially difficult to treat. Three years ago, Patty had a lobe of her left lung surgically removed and she’s been through several years of grueling regimes of multiple, potent antibiotics.

This visit was encouraging. Her lungs appear stable and no further indication of damage was seen on the CAT scan nor indication of the MAI in cultures. While no doc will ever use the world “cure” for this disease in women, this visit was probably the best check-up we’ve had.

TIME magazine ran an article several years ago on this bug. One of the physicians referred to in the article—Gwen Huitt—is Patty’s doc. We are immensely grateful for the professionalism and the quality of care we’ve received at National Jewish.

Compared to where she was three years ago, this is a remarkable recovery for Patty. While it has been slow and arduous, she’s about 80% back and functional. We are both grateful. In many respects we believe that God has graciously given us our lives back to a degree that we had not anticipated possible three years ago.

This experience has also given us a whole new perspective on people with disabilities and physical suffering. And the implications for our understanding of God, his presence and purposes in our lives have been profound. While we wouldn’t wish this affliction on anyone, we wouldn’t trade the lessons learned.

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  1. alan hirsch Says:

    Sam, glad that Patty is doing well. Glad you are as well.
    Hey’ I’ll be in LA in Oct (at Fuller and for the Missio launch). will you be there?

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