The Gospel of the Kingdom

He looked frail and walked unsuredly. But when he stood up to speak, – without notes and with only an open bible – there was power not limited by advancing years and failing heatlh.

When I sat in George Eldon Ladd’s (1911-1982) class on New Testament Theology, I had no idea what I was being exposed to or to whom. I really didn’t get it. I was in my mid-20s and had no idea of the definitive theological work he was doing that would serve as such a needed corrective to evangelical protestant theology in the 20th century. Ladd’s exploration of the “already/not yet” concept of the kingdom of God forced both covenant theology and dispensationalism to rethink their systems.

I was naive to a biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God and how that theme should shape so much of our perspective on life and ministry if we are truly the biblical people of God living under Jesus’ kingdom rule. Even now, thirty years later, I’m still struggling to “get it” and how it broadly applies to all that I do.

His titles include: The Blessed Hope; Crucial Questions about the Kingdom of God; The Gospel and the Kingdom; I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus; Jesus and the Kingdom; The Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen; The Meaning of the Millennium; The New Testament and Criticism; The Presence of the Future. His major work, that is a broad summary and is used widely today is: A Theology of the New Testament.

“A Theology of the New Testament” (George Eldon Ladd)

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    Ahead of his times in many ways.

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