An Indictment

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“It is all about spiritual DNA: who does the American evangelical look like? Does he or she resemble Jesus in his focus, values, and mission? Our analysis has concluded that Jesus is not the spiritual father of our Evangelical culture. Our Evangelical world is more about our peculiar cultural values and what we like and dislike rather than a reflection of Jesus. If we take a hard, objective look at the Gospels, we will see a great deal of similarity between our Evangelical values and the values of the Pharisees rather than the values of Jesus.”

The full article, “What DNA Are We (Really) Reproducing” by Fran Patt appeared in this months issue of “Mission Frontiers” magazine. It is a scathing indictment of what American Christianity exports under the guise of “missions.” He concludes by saying:
“If we are content to maintain and promote a mission strategy that accepts the status quo in North American Christian culture, we can assume the strong likelihood of either failure or recidivism in our training of missionaries.”

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