Paul or Peter? Two Models of Apostolic Leadership

P Elgre Apostlepeterpaul

In the most recent issue of Mission Frontiers, Dick Scoggins has an excellent article on “Nurturing a New Generation of ‘Pauline’ and ‘Petrine’ Apostles.

It is incredibly insightful, brief and well worth the read. To summarize:

“Pauline apostleship is exercised by pioneering, mobile communities which start local communities of the Kingdom where they do not exist. A second form of apostleship – what I call Petrine apostleship – is also portrayed in the New Testament …[and] is more prevalent than I had imagined.

...there is an apostolic ministry to the unreached (the Pauline), but there is also an apostolic ministry to the exisitng people of God (the Petrine).”

*Painting is Greco’s famous “Apostles Peter and Paul” circa 1592

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