Missionaries = Bad Business

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What is one of the best ways to screw up a business? Let the ministry types run it.

Of course there are some exceptions, but on the whole, those in vocational ministry are not good business people. In CRM’s Enterprise Division, we do our best to keep the ministry folks away from the operational aspects of the businesses because they rarely have the skills or the experience to know what to do.

Enterprise offers business men and women a unique opportunity to really go for it using all that God has entrusted to them. For some, this may mean taking a one or two-week trip a year where their unique abilities can be applied in the developing world. For others, it may mean packing it up and spending months or even years in locations around the globe pioneering such ventures.

And for many, it means being part of a Business Development Group which gathers other like minded and committed business people together to anchor such projects without leaving home, contributing advice, expertise, and even investment capital.

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  1. Alan Hirsch Says:

    Hi Sam

    Thanks for recent posts. I am sure that enterprise is a vital ingredient in the missional mix for the 21st Century. Business has become the most significant tool for transformation in the market dominated economy. Are you aware of the Transformational Business Network based in the UK (see http://www.tbnetwork.org/home/index.asp ) and our partners in Melbourne (Australia) called Catalyst Innovations (http://www.catalystinnovations.org/ ) These are great efforts to redeem business for the Kingdom.

    Stay True

  2. Sam Says:


    Thanks for the reference to the Transformation Business Network. We are aware of them and I believe the folks with CRM Enterprise have some type of contact with them.


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