Space for God

Space For God

My good friend, Tim Cahill, invited me to join him and couple other men for a “day in the park.”

What this really is is an extended time of solitude and time alone with God. We met in a nearby regional park (where I often walk and pray myself), spent about an hour together and then separated for the bulk of the day to be alone with God.

It was a wonderful time, like water to a parched soul. With a major event coming up next week with close to 700 CRM staff, family and friends gathering for a once-every-four-year event, finding this island of solitude in the midst of the preparatory chaos was a blessed parenthesis. It provided time and space for centering my emotions and spirit on Jesus and to regain a sense of his real and even manifest presence in my life through time in the bible and prayer.

Helping people make such space for God and learn how to hear him is increasingly the focus of Tim’s life and ministry. I am deeply grateful for the contribution that my “reflective, mystical friend” has made in my life through such a calling. I am grateful for Tim being a catalyst around which I, and others, are invited into a deeper union and communion with Christ.

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