In Praise of Cool Docs …Who Make House Calls!

Dr. Tim And Christine
Tim Schmidt, came to see my daughter today as she is recuperating from a week in the hospital.

He is a very cool doc and deserving of praise. And not just because he came to see Christine.

Tim has served on the CRM Board for over a decade and has done a couple of terms as chair. He’s also affectionately known as “Compudoc” to hundreds of CRM staff serving throughout the world. An excellent physician, he is always available to them on email and accessible 24-7 if there’s an emergency. He’s been a virtual godsend for everything from life-thretening illnesses to pre-natal exams and spider bites.

He’s also very much in the know about things missional and astute as they come in understanding the type of ministry to which God has called CRM. Couple that with a deep, abiding and mature walk with Jesus and we’ve got a package for whom all of us are grateful.

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  1. Tim Schmidt, MD Says:

    Well, it was my privilege to make a house call on Sam’s daughter. (I must admit, this is NOT common in my practice!). Riding my horse and buggy to their house was special. My little black bag was a little dusty.
    Actually , it’s much more common, and equally fun, to make e-HouseCalls as Compudoc for our beloved CRM staff. Another privilege for me.

    thanks Sam.

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