Apostolic Structures-Why So Important?

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A biblical, historical, and missiologically informed ecclesiology realizes that sodalities are as equally “church” as the church in its local form and are part of the same body but with different functions and structure. Apostolic expressions of the body of Christ are as legitimately “church” as the parish/diocesan/congregational expressions.

So why is this so important?

The biblical and historical record shows clearly that apostolic structures are necessary for the overall health, multiplication and vibrancy of the Church. They are not some passing necessity that exist because “local churches can’t get it right.” Rather, they are designed and ordained by God to do things that the church in its local form is structurally incapable of performing.

This issue has significant personal implications for me. I have an apostolic movement that has been entrusted to my responsibility and leadership during this season of my life. So it is sad, at times, to see others in positions of ecclesiastical responsibility and leadership question the legitimacy of such structures.

Sometimes I believe they do this out of genuine historical and theological ignorance. Other times, it may be because they are threatened by the fervency and passion of the apostolically gifted folks who gravitate toward such ministry. And all to frequently, they react with the perception that apostolic people and movements will drain their local congregations or denominations of their most motivated people and resources, which while understandable, is patently unfounded when we view the discussion through a biblical perspective.

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  1. JOHN Says:

    Good post. However what do you mean by “apostolic structures”? And why do you deem them to be a sodality?

    For me, apostolic gains its legitimacy from Ephesians 2:19-20? – they are a foundation to the Church. Movements/churches that ignore the apostolic will therefore be ighnoring one of the foundational ministries available for its edification.

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