As I write, I am in a hospital room in Pasadena, California where our daughter, Christine has been admitted for a severe infection, the source of which is puzzling the docs. There is apparently something going on with her that has them stumped, according to the CAT scan and other tests, and we are awaiting an array of consultations today with specialists.

Of course, anytime a parent hears the team “oncologist” or “surgeon,” your knees get a little weak and the inevitable knot begins to form in your stomach. That’s what yesterday felt like.

But when I had a chance to walk and pray, God brought to mind again a decision we made when Christy was less than a year old. It was when we had her “dedicated to the Lord.” In some traditions, it carries similar meaning to the baptism of a infant (as it was with our oldest, David). From God she came. And to God, we entrust her.

She is 23 now. But when she was 2, we almost lost her to a severe allergic reaction. And back then, when words failed, God brought the same event of consecration to mind and reminded me “I thought you gave her to me. My care for her exceeds yours.”

We wait today for more information from tests and the doctors’ evaluations.

5 Responses to “Christine”

  1. JOHN Says:

    Praying that God would bring a complete recovery and restoration. Complete wholeness, just as He is whole. Bless you and yours.

  2. Geo Says:

    Sam and Patty,

    Our prayers and (tears) are with you, may the God of Hope and comfort sustain you all at this time…

  3. Sam Says:

    Thanks for the prayer. It is greatly appreciated as we walk through this as a family.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I’ll be praying for you, your wife, and of course for your daughter Christine

    May you feel God’s peace through this circunstance

  5. Steve Says:

    Hi folks. I was browsing for a “pass the baton” photo and happened upon your site as a result. My heart is touched and moved by your testimony – what a marvelous witness! Despite your anxious hours, difficult decisions, and roller coaster emotions, yours is a spirit of victory – bless you, friends, and thanks for your inspiration.

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