Partners International


Jon and Anita Lewis are friends from the days when we were newly married and before childrren. We knew them before they went to Africa with Mission Aviation and flew in Zaire where they gained tremendous understanding about the needs and challenges on that continent.

Later Jon assumed responsibility for MAF’s work in Africa and eventually returned to the States to head up the organization’s research and strategic planning.

Most recently, he has become CEO of Partners International, one of the most respected agencies that serves and works in tandem with national mission entities throughout the world.

Although we don’t see much of each other (which we hope to remedy), Jon and Anita have been a respected friends and peers over the years. I have great respect for their missiological insight and the experience they have garnered in so many international settings. I’m hoping through some ongoing conversations we’ll find ways for Partners and CRM to cooperate in a variety of cross-cultural contexts.

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