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From our friend, Ronnie Stevens, pastor of the Danube International Church, in Budapest, Hungary:

“We [the Christian church in North America] should be shamed by the American business and foreign service personnel who go around the world. They do it to serve a mortal and fallen master. They do it without serving anything eternal. We go to be with the One we love.”

2 Responses to “Sent Ones”

  1. Brian Newman Says:

    While I appreciate Ronnie’s zeal I would question the blanket description of people in government service. One of my elders at Crossroads works for the U.S. State department and is one of the most quality leaders I know. He has a fairly developed and healthy theology regarding the role of government (see Romans 13) vis-a-vis society and the church. I might be a tad slower to speak on this one. Regards.

  2. Sam Says:


    Undoubtably, there are those in the Foreign Service whose presence in a cross-cultural environment is to represent Christ in word and deed as in the example of the friend in Amasterdam that you mention. I think that would be true for business or professional men and women who God sends all over the globe. I’ve met and known many. I don’t take Ronnie’s statement as an indictment on them at all and certainly know he would never consider it a “blanket description” or want such a comment to create any offence.

    Rather, I think the statement is a reflection on American Christianity which has seen the number of people serving as missionaries drop precipitiously in the past several decades. By comparison to either the Foreign Service or business, zeal and resources are lacking.

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