Jesus and the Recruitment of Leaders

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J. Robert Clinton, in his commentary on John’s Gospel, states three principals regarding how Jesus was intentional about selecting and recruiting potential leaders for his movement. Clinton writes:

1. Recruitment refers to the deliberate effort to challenge potential leaders and to engage them in on-going ministry so that they will develop as leaders and move toward the accomplishment of God’s destiny for their lives.

2. Jesus recruited from the fringes, in terms of leaders who could be shaped, and not from the current religious leadership which had very fixed paradigms.

3. it is important to note that Jesus demonstrated power ministry as part of his recruiting technique. You must be able to move with power as you challenge people.

*Painting is Jesus and Apostles on the Sea of Galilee by Eugene Delacroix, early 19th century.

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  1. Shane Says:

    I like the aspect of deliberate and on-going. Far to often I feel that we try to develop leaders by infusing cognitive information without running swiftly toward the mission. Good words.

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