Beyond the Cosmos

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Beyond the Cosmos, by Hugh Ross, is particularly compelling as it focuses on God’s multidimensionality and how that impacts an array of difficult doctrines such as the trinity, God’s proximity, omnipotence, sovereignty and free-will, the incarnation, the atonement, and the problem of evil and suffering in the world.

It may take some mental slugging to get through dense scientific jargon in the initial chapters, particularly for those of us who gave up on the hard sciences early in life.

But Ross—a Cal Tech astrophysicist—draws on the latest in cosmology and astrophysics to make a case for the existence of at least ten dimensions, six more than our four-dimensional universe. He then goes on to demonstrate how such a possibility impacts our understanding of God and the reality of his presence in our existing universe.

Ross summarizes:

These “how can it be” doctrines have for centuries tested the faith and love of those who believe in the biblical, personal God and often have served as stumbling blocks for those who do not.

However, the scientific discoveries of the past two decades offer new insights into God’s mind-boggling capacities in his mind-boggling beyond ten (the newly proven minimum) dimensions of reality.

Comprehension of these capacities can launch us into greater heights of rejoicing and new depths of appreciation, individually and collectively, for the immeasurable gift of eternity with Him.

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