Three Anglicans

Stott-01 David Watson Tom Wright
In the early years of my spiritual growth, there were two Anglicans that God used to make a rich contribution to my development. First was John Stott, (left above) rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. In that generation, no one could rival him for his clear, articulate, and gracious exposition of the bible applied to the pressing issues of the era. John Stott represented everything that was the best in the Anglican tradition. His writings did much to shape and form my convictions as a young follower of Jesus and the several times I was privileged to hear him speak were highlights.

David Watson (above middle) was his charismatic contemporary and the rector of St. Michael-le-Belfrey in York. I had the privilege of studying under him during my doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary in the early 80s. He was an Anglican and a charismatic which, at the time, was an oxymoron to me. I had a tough time putting the two together. Exposure to David Watson did much to open me to the reality and power of the Holy Spirit.

And now in this decade, I am growing to appreciate the writings of N.T. Wright, prolific New Testament scholar and the present Bishop of Durham. As the Church struggles to navigate the transition from modernity to postmodernity, I suspect N.T. Wright may make an immeasurable contribution in keeping us grounded in historic biblical orthodoxy yet engaged with our culture as effective ambassadors of the living Christ.

Influences like these could almost persuade to become an Anglican.

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  1. alexander campbell Says:

    Sam hi, seeing this post about David I realise we must have met at Fuller! I was part of Davids team back then in the early 80’s and came to Fuller several times. Now I am part of the growing organic church movement here in europe – committed to seeing cpm’s in this part of the world too.

  2. Sam Says:


    I know there were teams that came with David- particularly memorable were the drama teams which were another novelty for me in those days.

    Am very interested in what you’re doing in Britain and would like to connect with you about that.


  3. alexander campbell Says:

    yup – drama teams – that would be me!! I laugh about it now – inbetween the winces!
    Here in UK/Europe I am an associate of DAWN; effectively we are trying to be missionaries in our own country (without a big wealthy church back home supporting us!) hoping to plant small reproducible home churches and encourage/help others likewise.

  4. Sam Says:


    1. Cruised around your site and enjoyed the info. Also noticed a shot of Trevor from the Middle East. I know him from some of our work there.
    2. Have you met/do you know Ian Hamilton in Britain with CRM?
    3. have you any exposure to CRM’s NieuCommunities team in Glasgow?


  5. Ian Hamilton Says:

    Thanks, Sam. The same three have significantly informed my own journey. Particularly currently enjoying Tom Wright’s commentaries.

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