Ministry in a Barrio

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The majority of Caracas lives in the barrios that ring the central valley where the business and middle-class is concentrated. Interestingly very little missionary activity occurs in these barrios, at least not by non-Venezuelans.

This means that the CRM InnerCHANGE team are the first, and for many the only, non-Latino people that these residents have ever personally encountered. The team is multi-cultural with North Americans, a German, and one Chinese American.

Such a presence is not easy. And it’s risky. We’ve had several staff held-up in the past several weeks, one at gun-point. But the redemptive effect of their presence is exponentially more powerful than any itinerant workers who drive-in and drive-out.

Right now, the team is focusing on three separate communities within this sprawling barrio where house churches, formed along familial lines, have emerged. As the team told us, the keys to sustainability and the multiplication of a movement are based on such authentic, vibrant groupings of believers taking deep root and appropriate leadership emerging.

And as in any such context, the Gospel of the Kingdom is a far greater, holistic message than personal salvation. The Good News ultimately applies to every aspect of life, which in the barrios of Caracas. has widespread implications.

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