Difficult People

Lesson #3 is about difficult people. Letting a personnel problem fester makes it more difficult to deal with in the long run. I have been burned more often by being negligent in confronting hard issues with people than by plowing ahead an dealing forthrightly with the unpleasant.

In my experience, dealing with people problems is perhaps the most demanding and emotionally draining aspect of leading others if we are intent on leading as a servant leader. This of course, may depend upon gifts and maturity. However in every facet of leadership, at every level, I see this to be true. People problems take a toil by:

Diverting energy away form the creative, visionizing aspects of a leader’s mission;

Making leaders gun-shy and crippling their willingness to take future risks;

Producing an interesting paralysis in decision-making, somewhat unique to “Christian” communities which are not supposed to have such problems. It becomes much more difficult to deal with people for the same type of incompetence or non-performance that would never be tolerated in others forms of work. Spirituality can become an excuse for enabling destructive behavior.

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  1. Terry Walling Says:

    Interesting reflections.

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