Education and Leadership …part 3

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Can relational empowerment and transformation happen in a formal educational setting? Certainly. But that’s not what the system is designed for. Let’s be honest. Antiseptic classrooms are not exactly relational hot houses.

So if I am not going to find all I need to be developed in such institutional settings, where do I find such relationships where life, and not just knowledge, is transferred? In my experience, three places:

a. Healthy expressions of the church in its local form (with the emphasis on “healthy” and with an understanding that the “form” can be tremendously diverse)
b. Vibrant apostolic expressions of the church in its missionary form
c. Divine contacts, ie., mentors and individuals God brings into my life for just such a purpose.

The kicker sometimes is whether these relationships are healthy. Unfortunately, transformation can be good or bad. And there are far too many group environments as well as individual relationships, even with good intentions, that are unhealthy and damaging. The relational dysfunctionality out there from enmeshed and spiritually abusive relationships inflicts a lot of pain.

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  1. Bug Says:

    This is really important to understand and I’m glad you’re speaking about it. Degrees don’t result in divine character or conduct, nor in great change. Living under the lordship of Christ and in “freehearted collaboration” with the Father results in eternal changes for the kingdom of God.

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