Education and Leadership …part 2

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I would regret anyone reading my previous post and concluding I was anti-scholarship or anti-intellectual. Rather, I want to be realistic about what role academic pursuits in an institutional setting play in the life of one serious about following Jesus and particularly those who will emerge as leaders.

“The Academy” does have a place and a definite contribution to make. I am grateful for what it has given to me. But the problem is when we expect it to do something in a life that it is poorly designed to do.

Just because someone has a seminary degree proves little when it comes to leadership. The degree may only mean that I am smart enough to do the work and rich enough to pay the bill.

The Western educational model when embraced, as Winter says “uncritically”, has always been conflicted in its relationship to the Christian movement. Does it exist to produce leaders and labor for the movement or does it exist to produce scholars? These are not the same.

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