Language and Culture Acquisition

man402 Russian Men 300-1 Cultbai-2

The Institute for Strategic Languages and Cultures does the best job of any place I know to prepare people to work cross-culturally in Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

I know from firsthand experience. I studied Russian there myself. And I would strongly recommend ISLC for anyone headed to life and ministry among any of these three major language/cultural groups.

The way most of us have learned language in secondary or higher education is horrible. Not so for ISLC. Students are immersed in the language and the methodologies used are light years away from what is done in most universities. We find it gives learners a huge jump-start on life and survivability in the culture to which they are being sent.

And there is ongoing training available for those who need to improve their competencies in these languages. Summer programs (which I did) are excellent.

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